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Solar mounting hardware prior to installation.
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GreenPower Developers offers a complete range of solar energy services, from initial feasibility assessment to final system implementation.

Feasibility Study

Our team of experienced solar experts begin by thoroughly evaluating the project location. This allows us to determine the existing roof condition and calculate the potential system size. Upon completion of this survey, our team of financing experts analyze the key financial aspects to determine fiscal feasibility. Proper research is the key to successful project implementation.


Once the project scope is determined, our finance experts will match you with the proper finance package. Should cash financing be an option, our experts will work closely with various lending institutions to negotiate the most attractive rates and terms. We will prepare a cost-savings analysis, while maximizing all available tax incentives such as accelerated depreciation and investment tax credits.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Solar PPAs are agreements between provider and customer to purchase ongoing solar power at long-term discounted rates. Customers only pay for the power generated by the facility, not for the solar equipment or installation. This can be a perfect solution when capital is not available and financing is not an option. This makes available solar installations to all customers since there is no initial outlay involved for equipment and installation. GreenPower Developers will work closely with PPA providers to negotiate contract length and attractive long term rate


Our contractors are trained and experienced professionals and employ only licensed electricians, ensuring a safe and efficient installation process. Our electrical engineers periodically visit the construction site to ensure all proper procedures are followed.

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