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Lakewood NJ - Solar installation at local
Rabbinical College. Using black solar modules
allowed the system to blend into the back-
ground as not to ruin the beauty of the building.
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At GreenPower Developers, our mission is to spread solar power all across America's rooftops. We're here to make going solar simple, affordable and convenient. Our team has decades of industry experience in electrical and structural engineering, solar energy system design and installation, and sola project financing. We employ crews of electricians, certified solar installers, roofers, and carpenters; all of whom are accustomed to working with various racking systems, inverters and solar systems giving us an edge over other industry firms.

Our broad-reaching procurement process guarantees you the best technology at the best price. We never enter into binding partnerships with our suppliers. This allows us to remain unbiased in our product recommendations, as well as enabling us to maximize cost efficiency.

The products we use are the very best mono- and polycrystalline silicon PV modules, thin film amorphous silicon and cadmium telluride (CdTe) technologies, ballasted and penetrating racking systems and inverters. Our solar systems are designed to be virtually maintenance-free during the lifetime of the system installation. Our products and services are backed by industry leading warranties and a company dedicated to a world-class, worry-free customer experience.

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